Antisocial behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is anything that can be classed as behaviour that causes or is likely to cause nuisance or annoyance. Examples include:

  • Noise: Loud music, door slamming, shouting, animals, vehicles
  • Harassment/bullying/intimidation: May be verbal, written or physical abuse motivated by gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality or disability
  • Criminal damage/acts: Vandalism, arson, damage to property/vehicles, graffiti, theft, assault
  • Environmental: Animal fouling, urinating in communal areas, fly tipping, abandoned vehicles, general rubbish
  • Drugs: Streams of visitors, syringes, drug use, drug dealing, cultivation
  • Animals: Uncontrolled dogs, dog fouling, unsuitable/dangerous pets, breeding of animals
  • General nuisance: Gangs of youths causing problems, street drinking
If there has been any criminal activity or if you feel in immediate danger you need to phone the police as well as reporting it to us. Our staff will need an incident report number from the police to progress all serious cases.
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