Ending Your Tenancy

If you wish to end your tenancy you will need to give us 28 days’ notice in writing to your local office. If you have a joint tenancy, it is essential that both parties sign the termination letter. You tenancy will expire at the end of your notice period.

Rent and service charges will continue to apply until the tenancy is ended.

Before moving out, arrangements should be made to do the following:

  • Leave the house and garden clean and tidy and give us access to inspect it
  • Carry out an required decoration or repairs before you go
  • Remove all your belongings
  • Hand in your keys on time
  • Check with us to make sure your rent balance is up to date
  • Apply for any compensation you may be entitled to for alterations or improvements made to your home
  • Give us a forwarding address
  • Tell us the names of the gas and electricity companies you use and contact them to give meter readings

We may charge you for cleaning, repairs, removal and storage of belongings and lock changes if you do not meet your responsibilities.

We understand that ending a tenancy due to a bereavement is a difficult time for families and our staff will provide advice and assistance as sensitively as possible. When a tenant dies and there is no one who qualifies to succeed the tenancy, the tenancy is terminated on the date of death.

In some instances there may be somebody eligible to succeed the tenancy. Most often this is a husband, wife, joint tenant, family member or live-in carer. There are conditions on who is able to succeed a tenancy. For more information about this please contact us.