Retirement Housing

For tenants who live in one of our sheltered or retirement courts, there is a court manager who will provide a range of services for you, the level of which will depend on the type of housing you live in.

The court manager is responsible for maintaining the safety and security of your building and will carry out regular health checks of the communal areas. It is also the responsibility of local staff to make sure that communal areas are cleaned and maintained to a high standard.

Staff are on duty at fixed hours and you will be made aware of the details of the rotas.

Shared Facilities
We have a communal lounge which we encourage you to use to meet up with friends, relatives and neighbours. These lounges usually have a small kitchen with facilities to make drinks, and there may be plenty of organised activities.

There is a laundry at most of our courts, which is for tenants use only. You will be given an allocated time to do your laundry, however, the laundry is always free on a first come first served basis after 5pm and at weekends. Local variations may be in place.

We have a guest room at most of our developments for your family to stay when they are visiting you. Priority is given to relatives of tenants who are ill. Otherwise, bookings are made on a first come, first served basis. There is a small charge to stay in the guest room.

Safety & Security
Our staff are responsible for the general security of the building but you also have a responsibility to make sure that security is maintained, both for your own peace of mind and that of other residents.

You should:

  • Always report anything suspicious, regardless of how trivial it seems
  • Always make sure that the main door closes behind you if you are coming in or out of the court
  • Never wedge open main doors or your flat door
  • Make sure you lock your door when you are out
  • Never use fire doors to come in and out of the court
  • Always close communal windows at night
  • Always check the identity of callers to the court by asking to see proof of identity